Rotax aircraft engines are used all over the world. In the scope of providing highest quality BRP has to rely on qualified engine operators/ owners (pilots) and maintenance personnel. To provide the relevant knowledge technical education (consisting of learning and training) is the key factor. A world wide distribution & service network has to supply training in different countries, languages, social environments etc.

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BRP-Rotax established in 2007 a globally standardized training guideline covering the different scope of work, target audiences and educational levels which ranges from familiarization to overhauling the Rotax aircraft engines. All technical training courses are offered by our Rotax authorized distributors/authorized training organizations.

The iRMT Training Pyramid is built on 5 main levels:

1. Familiarization Course
    Pilots, homebuilders, managers and owners etc. as a first information on the product line

2. Service Course
    Most popular for most technicians needs

3. Maintenance Course
    Flying schools, OEMs and FBOs should have technicians at this level

4. Heavy Maintenance Course
    More specialized with required experience, tools and facilities

 5. Overhaul Course
    Heavily restricted to authorized facilities only


For more information, please take a look at our iRMT leaflet:

Dowload iRMT Leaflet

NOTE: this leaflet is not for registering for training courses, to signup for a course use the link ROTECH MOTOR iRMT TRAINING instead! 

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