Customer Service Information Report


The objective of the Customer Service Information Report (CSIR) is to give an efficient way for Rotax Aircraft Engine Operators, Maintenance Technicians and Governmental Authorities a method to report any condition which may adversely affect safe operation of the engine.

The CSIR is not to be used for warranty or technical support inquiries.


Download the form. Fill in the form on your computer, and then 'print to PDF', or save as PDF (if your software is able to save while preserving your inputted data!). We recommend the free Foxit or Sumatra PDF readers. Alternatively, print it to paper and then scan your document to PDF. Please note that the 'fillable form' is particular when it comes to date formats: enter dates numerically as YYYY-MM-DD. Also, TTSN and TTSO must be entered as numbers.


CLICK HERE to download the CSIR FORM



After you have completely filled in the form and rendered your filled version to PDF, please email your PDF file to


What is it for?
The objective of the CSIR program is to report any condition that you believe might adversely affect the safe operation of your ROTAX Aircraft Engine.

Where/how do I send it?
Once you have filled in the CSIR completely, please email your PDF file to

Does a CSIR report substitute for a warranty claim?
The CSIR form does not serve as a substitute for a warranty claim. Although some of the information you submit on your completed CSIR form would also be required for a warranty claim, any such claim must be submitted directly to an independant Service Center (iSC) (See the  DEALER LOCATOR to locate an independent Service Center in your area).

Why do I have to fill out things like propeller model?
The CSIR form may be used to convey the details of service difficulties which may be found in the field. When potential service difficulties arise it is necessary to obtain certain information. This is why the form needs to be completely filled out.

Will I be contacted after I submit the CSIR?
You will receive a confirmation of your sending the report by email.

I am not sure if I should submit a CSIR, what are the criteria?
Any service difficulty that you believe is likely to affect safety and correct operation.

You do not need to submit an CSIR if:

1. The service difficulty is already addressed by way of a Maintenance Manual, Service Bulletin, Service Instruction, or Airworthiness Directive
2. The service difficulty was a result of improper maintenance or operation.

I just have a small problem that does not affect flight safety, should I send in a CSIR?
If you do not believe that the service difficulty will affect safety (see criteria) a CSIR is not needed.


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